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Environmental Law Research Guide: Energy Law News Resources

This research guide provides students, practitioners, and scholars with a variety of resources that will assist in research on issues related to environmental law. It also contains a section dedicated to issues regarding the BP oil spill.

Energy Law Resources Available From the LSU Law Library

These resources report on developments in energy law and policy, and they will be useful in identifying current topics that might be appropriate for your journal note. 

Please note that some of these resources need to be accessed using your login information for a specific database (e.g., Bloomberg Law) whether you are on or off campus. Other resources are IP-based, and you will not need to log in if you access them on campus; if you access them off campus, you will need to log in to our proxy server using your PAWS ID and password. Each resource has a note indicating how you can access it. 

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Climatewire provides the leading coverage on climate change from state policies to federal regulations to international agreements, as well as how companies and markets are reacting to these decisions.

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Energywire covers the tremendous change and uncertainty utilities face, including the switch to natural gas, the growth of distributed energy, threats to cybersecurity and technology opportunities. It also provides insight into the shifting landscape of shale oil and gas development, pipelines, and liquefied natural gas due to markets, regulations and environmental concerns.

Energy and Climate Report
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Coverage of worldwide climate change legislation, regulation, policy, legal developments, and trends. Updated continually, with a review published each business day.

Environment & Energy Daily (E&E Daily)
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At the beginning of each week Congress is in session, E&E Daily previews the upcoming action of the week, from floor votes to committee markups to negotiations. We follow this with detailed coverage explaining what it all means for its supporters and critics.

Environment & Energy News
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News alerts about environmental and energy law and regulation from Bloomberg Law.

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The publication covers the major regulations, legislation and court cases in play, and explains how the battle over energy policy and climate change is affecting investment trends, technology development, alternative fuels and carbon mitigation strategies.

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