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This tutorial will explain how to share Panopto videos

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Click All Folders

1. After logging into Panopto, click Browse at the left of the screen to locate your folder.


Step 2: Find Your Folder

1. Navigate through the list of folders on the left of the screen until you find the correct one.

2. Alternatively, you can type in your name in the search bar above to narrow your search.

3. You'll find the results in the right pane of the webpage.

Step 3: Share

1. For single videos, hover over the video you want to assign and click "Share."

* You can also use the search box to find videos within a folder.

1. If you want to share multiple videos, click each box to the left of the video

2. Then click Share. Note that the process for sharing videos is the same no matter how many videos you select.


Step 4: Add People

1. You should see a list of people currently assigned to the video (professors, Moot Court reviewers, and Ed Tech staff).

2. To add a student, start typing their name or MyLSU ID.  The field should auto-fill in with any accounts that match the name or ID.

1.  When adding a person that has multiple entries (which will happen fairly often) you will want to add the entry that's listed with "" as part of the user entry.  Note that this is ONLY "" and NOT "" or any other entry.

Step 5: Share

1. Keep the Email Notification box checked so students will know they have been added.

2. When you have the correct ID, click Send and save changes.

Step 6: Confirmation

1.  The person is now added to the video as a "Viewer" and can access it by logging on to Panopto with their MyLSU ID and password.

Step 7: Deleting Viewers

1. To delete a person, click on the X beside their name.

1. The ribbon will turn red.

2. To confirm deletion, click Save changes.

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