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This tutorial will explain how to create and upload screencasts in Panopto.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Logging into the Panopto Client

1. Double-click the Panopto icon to open the client.

1.  Make sure that the Server Address field is filled out as "".  This should be automatic.

2.  Click the "Sign in with LSU Panopto" button.

The MyLSU login screen will appear.

1.  Fill in your MyLSU ID and password.

2.  Press "Login".

You should now be logged into the Panopto client.

Step 2: Setting up a Panopto Screencast

There are several things that need to be confirmed before you start recording.

1.  Check the window labeled "Primary Sources" to ensure you have a picture from your webcam or other recording device.  It should start by default however you can click the "Video" dropdown menu to ensure that Panopto is using the proper device.  Note that if you do not want a video to be included with your screencast you can simply set the Video option to "None".  Audio and any slides will still be recorded.

1.  Also under the "Primary Sources" window is the "Audio" menu.  Just as with the "Video" option, it should automatically default to the proper device (either a mic on your webcam or a headset mic).  If you need to change options, you can do so in the "Audio" dropdown menu.  You can check to make sure Panopto is picking up the audio from your device with the sound meter on the right side of the window.  The blue indicator at the far right controls volume.

1.  The last thing you need to worry about in the "Primary Sources" window is the "Quality" menu.  The default is "Standard" but you can use the dropdown menu to change it to "High" or "Ultra" depending on tastes and the capability of your webcam.  For this kind of recording the quality of the video isn't too important so use whichever setting you prefer.  We tend to suggest either "Standard" or "High" in most cases.

Underneath the "Primary Sources" window is the "Secondary Sources" area.  Here you can tell Panopto to record what is on your computer screen using the "Capture Main Screen" option if you want to show off a website or something similar during your recording or you can capture a PowerPoint presentation using the "Capture PowerPoint" option.  If both options are checked, Panopto will record both but we recommend choosing only the option you plan on using and to uncheck the other option.  The additional option to add another video source can simply be ignored.

This is the screen capture window.  It will give you information on any secondary sources you choose to use.  You can choose either screen capture or PowerPoint capture.  You can do both at the same time but only one will be visible at any given time.

1.  While on the Main Screen option, check the "Enable screen capture preview" box to view what Panopto will record when you have "Capture Main Screen" enabled.  You can use this to make sure that the screen capture is working properly.

This is the screen capture window displaying PowerPoint functionality.  There are multiple ways to set up PowerPoint to record with Panopto but the simplest way is select the PowerPoint option in the Secondary Sources window and then click the "Open a Presentation" button here.

1.  Navigate to the PowerPoint presentation you want to capture.

2.  Click "Open".

You then get the option to begin recording.  You can click "Yes" and then Panopto will open your presentation immediately and begin recording.  You can also press "No" and you will be taken back to the Panopto client where you can change any other settings before starting recording manually.

If you select "No" you will be brought back to the Panopto client and Panopto notifies you that a PowerPoint presentation is ready.  When you begin the recording, Panopto will automatically start the PowerPoint presentation for you if you keep the option checked.  Otherwise you can start recording manually and then navigate to your presentation on your computer and start it yourself.

The final settings to confirm before recording is the location your recording will be located.

1.  Check which Panopto folder your recording will be saved in the "Session Folder" field.

2.  Type in the name you wish your video to have in the "Session Name" field.

3.  If you wish to save your video in a different folder, click this blue folder icon to choose between all the folders on Panopto you have access to.

This is the session folder screen.  You can change which folder you record into here.

1.  Find the folder you want to record to.

2.  Press the "Add New Session" button.

You will be brought back to the main Panopto client screen with the new folder selected.

Step 3: Recording and Uploading your Panopto Screencast

When all of your settings are confirmed, just press the "Record" button to start your recording.

When your recording starts, the client will change to show that the recording is ongoing and how long it's been.  When you are done with your recording, simply press the "Stop" button.

After you press the "Stop" button, the recording will complete and you will get the option to either delete the recording you just made if you aren't pleased with it or to continue by pressing the blue "Upload" button and you will be taken to the "Manage Recordings" tab of the Panopto client.

Your video will now begin uploading.

After the upload is complete the video will begin processing.  Depending on the length of the video, this may take a while.  You can now proceed to close the Panopto client if you wish or wait until the video's completion.

1.  After the video is completed, you can open it by clicking "View" in the Panopto client.  The video will open in your default web browser.  If you have closed the Panopto client prior to the video's completion you can find it on the main Panopto web page at and logging in.  To log into the Panopto web page, you can follow the instructions found on our other LibGuide located at

Step 4: Locating and Playing your Panopto Screencast

In most cases you will have opted to close the Panopto client and log into the Panopto web page to view your video later.

You should be able to locate your recording in the folder where you placed it.  It should also appear at or near the very top of your "All Sessions" page when you first log into Panopto if the recording was done recently.  If you captured either a PowerPoint presentation or the computer screen while recording, an image of either secondary source will be shown in the thumbnail.  Click the active link to view the video.

Your video should begin playing with your webcam video on the left and the secondary source on the right.  If you opted to not use a primary source and only recorded audio, the secondary source will be the only image displayed.

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