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This tutorial will explain how to subscribe to podcasts on the Panopto website.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Log In

1. Go to

2. Sign in using LSU Panopto and clicking Sign In

Step 2: Click All Folders

1. Select All Folders


Step 3: Select Your Folder

1. Select your folder

Step 4: Subscribe in iTunes


1. Press on the RSS icon Image result for RSS icon

2. Click on Subscribe in iTunes


Step 5: External Protocol Request



1. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer users will see an additional dialogue box.

Chrome: Select Launch Application to proceed.

Firefox: Select iTunes and Click OK

Internet Explorer: Click Yes

Step 6: View in iTunes

1. Click on the dropdown arrow


2. Select Edit Menu


3. Select Podcasts

4. Afterwards click Done



5. Click on Podcasts now that they are available on the menu.



6. Finally click on the podcast to view.

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