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Foreign Legal Research: Citing Foreign Legal Sources

This guide contains tips and resources for researching the laws of foreign countries.

Basic Guidelines

The U.S. legal profession is among the most demanding in the world when it comes to legal citation.  In many countries, complicated and/or uniform citation formats are neither used nor expected.

If you are writing a seminar paper or an article for a U.S. journal, you should cite foreign law resources as prescribed by the Bluebook. Table 2 contains basic citation formats for primary law sources from foreign jurisdictions.  Secondary sources should be cited in accordance with the relevant Bluebook rules.

Where the Bluebook does not offer sufficient guidance, you may consult additional citation guides, including the ones listed below.  However, when in doubt, you should always default to Bluebook format or check with a librarian for additional assistance.

Citation Manuals

Foreign Legal Abbreviations

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