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Moot Court Research Guide: Home


We have identified and listed major treatises for each area of law covered by moot court competitions that we participate in at the LSU Law Center. We have also indicated whether each treatise is available on Westlaw, Lexis, or in print. 


Administrative Law by Jacob A. Stein & Glenn A. Mitchell (LEXIS)

Administrative Law and Practice by Charles Koch & Richard Murphy (WESTLAW)


Benedict on Admiralty by Erastus Cornelius Benedict, revised by John A. Edginton et. al. (LEXIS) 

The Law of Seamen by Robert Force & Martin J. Norris (WESTLAW)

Constitutional Law

Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure by Ronald D. Rotunda & John E. Nowak (WESTLAW)

Modern Constitutional Law by Chester James Antieau (WESTLAW)

Criminal Law and Procedure

Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment by Wayne LaFave (WESTLAW)

Criminal Procedure by Wayne LaFave (WESTLAW)

Criminal Constitutional Law by David S. Rudenstein, et. al. (LEXIS) 

Search and Seizure (LEXIS)

Substantive Criminal Law (WESTLAW)

Wharton's Criminal Law (WESTLAW)


The Law of Oil and Gas : with forms by W.L. Summers (WESTLAW)

Oil and Gas Law by Howard R. Williams & Charles Meyers (LEXIS) 


Treatise on Environmental Law by Frank P. Grad (LEXIS) 

Comparative Environmental Law & Regulation by Nicholas A. Robinson (WESTLAW)

Law of Environmental Protection by Seldon M. Novick (WESTLAW)


Federal Evidence by Christopher Mueller & Laird Kirkpatrick (WESTLAW)

Courtroom Criminal Evidence by Edward J. Imwinkelried et. al. (LEXIS) 

Handbook of Federal Evidence by Michael H. Graham (WESTLAW)

Weinstein's Evidence Manual by Jack B. Weinstein (LEXIS) 

Weissenberger's Federal Evidence by Glen Weissenberger, James J. Duane (LEXIS) 

Federal Civil Procedure

Federal Practice and Procedure by Charles Alan Wright (WESTLAW)

Moore's Federal Practice (Civil) by James W. Moore et. al. (LEXIS) 

Human Rights

International Human Rights in a Nutshell by Thomas Buergenthal, Dinah Shelton & David P. Stewart (PRINT, CALL NUMBER: K3240 .B827 2017)

Dictionary of International Human Rights by Connie de la Vega (PRINT, CALL NUMBER: K3239.6 .V44 2013)

The Fundamentals of International Human Rights Treaty Law by Bertrand G. Ramcharan (PRINT, CALL NUMBER: K3240 .R3548 2011) 


Immigration Law and Procedure by Charles Gordon & Stanley Mailman (LEXIS)

Immigration Law and Business by Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. et. al. (WESTLAW)

Immigration Law and Crimes by Dan Kesselbrenner & Lory D. Rosenberg (WESTLAW)

Immigration Law Service 2d by Shane Dizon and Nadine K. Wettstein (WESTLAW)

Intellectual Property

Chisum on Patents: A Treatise on the Law of Patentability, Validity and Infringement by Donald S. Chisum (LEXIS)

McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition by J. Thomas McCarthy (WESTLAW)

Nimmer on Copyright: A Treatise on the Law of Literary, Musical and Artistic Property by Melville Nimmer & David Nimmer (LEXIS)

The Law of Unfair Competition, Trademarks and Monopolies by Rudolf Callmann (WESTLAW)

Milgrim on Trade Secrets by Roger M. Milgrim (LEXIS)

Moy's Walker on Patents by R. Carl Moy (WESTLAW)

Patry on Copyrights by William F. Patry (WESTLAW)


Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law, 9th ed., by James Crawford (PRINT, CALL NUMBER: KZ3225 .B76 A37 2019)

International Law, 7th ed. by Malcolm N. Shaw (PRINT, CALL NUMBER: KZ3275 .S53 2014)

Principles of International Law, 3rd ed. by Sean Murphy (PRINT, CALL NUMBER: KZ3410 .M873 2018)

Natural Resources

Public Natural Resources Law, 2ed ed. by George Cameron Coggins (WESTLAW)

Natural Resources Law,  by Jan G. Laitos, Sandra B. Zellmer (PRINT, CALL NUMBER: KF5505 .L35 2015)


Space Law, by Paul Stephen Dempsey (WESTLAW)

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