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This tutorial is to explain how to use the Publish feature for Panopto videos.

Step-by-Step Guide

STEP 1:  Choose the folder

Panopto allows you to record videos to a folder and make them available to viewers at your convenience using the Publish feature.  In order to use the Publish feature, the folder that videos appear in must be set to use the feature.

1. Go to the folder you wish to publish and click Settings.

STEP 2:  Select publishing option

1.  Click Settings.

2. Go to Availability and select when approved by a publisher

STEP 3:  Confirm or choose a publisher

1.  When the folder is set to use the Publish option, Panopto will automatically set the creator of the folder as a "Publisher" so that they can use the Publish option on future videos in that folder.  It is possible to use Panopto sharing options to add more publishers to the folder if desired.

STEP 4:  Publish a video

1. As a publisher in the folder, when a video completes encoding, you will receive an email from Panopto that there is a completed video awaiting approval.  To approve a video, click Settings.

STEP 5:  Approve a video

1.  Click Overview.

2.  Go to Approval and click Approve.

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