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This tutorial explains how to record PowerPoint presentations and add them to classroom recordings.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Target Video

1. First make sure that the video you want to connect your second feed to is currently running. You can do that in any number of ways although the easiest would be to just make sure that the Panopto Web Interface shows the target video as currently recording.


Step2: Locate the Application

1. Locate the Panopto icon and double click it.

Step 3: Log in to LSU Panopto

1. Click Sign in with LSU Panopto.


2. Enter your myLSU username and password.

Step 4: Capture PowerPoint


1. Confirm that PowerPoint and/or main (PC) screen are visible.
2. If not, go to the "Secondary Sources" box and select desired sources.

Step 5: Click Folder



1. Click folder to display all active recordings (i.e., sessions).

Step 6: Record to this session


1. Click Record to this Session once you have found the active video.

Step 7: Confirm Session Folder and Name

1. Confirm that you have chosen the correct folder and session.

Step 8: Remove primary sources


Confirm that your video and audio sources are set to None

Step 9: Record

1. Click Record

Step 10: Click OK

1. Click OK.

Step 11: Confirm recording 


1. Your video is now recording.

2. If needed to pause the video click on the Pause button.

3. If required to stop the video click on the Stop button.

Step 12: Recording Complete


When the secondary feed is ended you will get a confirmation message and then press done to go to the "Recording Status" tab.

Step 13: View Video

1. After the video is completed,log into the Panopto Web Interface ( to make sure the secondary stream has properly joined with the primary video.

Step 14: Watching the Video


If all things went well, the video should play in a small window to the left while the secondary stream is in a larger window to the right. 

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