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Recording Equipped Rooms

The rooms in the LSU Law Center that have the capability for recording are limited to several classrooms and several additional rooms.

The complete list of rooms that have the ability for recording are as follows:

Robinson Courtroom
McKernan Auditorium

Camera Angles

When making a request for recordings you have the option to pick from one of three camera angles provided in most rooms.

Camera Angle #1

The first camera angle is a tightly focused shot of the podium in the classroom centered on the fixed mic.

Camera Angle #2

The second camera angle is centered on the desk to the right of the room.  This is mostly good for panel discussions with multiple speakers sitting in that area.

Camera Angle #3

The third and final camera angle is a wide shot covering most of the front of the classroom.

Screen Capture/PowerPoint

Panopto also has the ability to capture any PowerPoint presentations you may have as well as the screen itself if you use the internet for your presentation videos.

By capturing the screen or a PowerPoint presentation during your Panopto recording you will have that portion of your presentation embedded with the video recording for access by the viewer during playback.

Microphone Options

When recording in the classrooms you have several options for voice amplification.  Please note that without using at least one of these devices the video created by Panopto will have no discernable audio.

This is a gooseneck microphone.  It's available in most classrooms as well as in the Auditorium and Courtroom.  It is affixed to the podium is those rooms.

This is a lavalier microphone.  You wear this particular microphone by affixing the body pack to your person and fasten the lapel mic to your shirt or other appropriate article of clothing.

This is the handheld microphone.  This is simply held and spoken into.

Rooms 106 and 110 are outfitted with audience mics placed in the ceiling with the function of picking up audio from the audience as well as the speaker at the front of the room.

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