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Journal Subcite Tips: Legislation

Shortcuts for LSU Law Junior Associates.

R. 12 Statutes and Codes

Statutes and Codes

United States Code (U.S.C.)

NB. The most recent edition of the U.S.C. in print is 2012. As of August 20, 2015 there is one 2013 Supplement volume available; laws passed after January 16, 2014 must be cited to using an unofficial code version (see R. 12.3). The entire 2012 U.S. Code, Titles 1 through 51, is current in PDF online via FDsys.

  • U.S.C. is available in print in the Law Library's first floor Reading Room.
  • U.S.C. online at FDsys
  • U.S.C. online in HeinOnline.
  • Note that the U.S.C. in print must often be updated through the Supplement (and relevant Code section).
  • United States Constitution is found in the advance pages of Title 1 of the U.S.C.

State Codes

  • Selected state codes are available in print on the 2nd floor of the library in alphabetical order.
  • Update state code sections with pocket parts to ensure currency.
  • Historical state statutes are selectively available via HeinOnline.
  • Historical state statutes are also available in the Law Library's microform collection.    

Public Laws

  • Cite to U.S. Statues at Large (available from HeinOnline), if therein.
  • Recent federal public laws may be found in Thomas.
  • Many state Session Laws are available in HeinOnline and on the state's legislative web site.
  • The Law Library maintains a thorough collection of historical state Session Laws in our microforn collection.

Legislative Histories (Includes Bills, Hearings, and Committee Reports)

Print Sources of the U.S. Code

Remember that you must cite to the U.S.C., if therein. If not, you may use either the U.S.C.A. or the U.S.C.S.

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