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Louisiana Constitutional Law History: Locating Information on Louisiana Constitutional Law & History

This guide provides resources for information on the history of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana.

Locating Journal Articles

To locate full text articles on the history of Louisiana constitutional law, the following databases are useful:

  • Hein Online
  • Lexis
  • Westlaw

The content of the journal collections in Lexis and Westlaw generally goes back to the mid-1990's.

In addition, journal indexes can be used to locate additional citations to articles. The following indexes can be found in the Library's list of databases:

  • Legal Trac
  • Index to Legal Periodicals and Books Full-Text
  • Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective

The journal indexes generally cover the period 1980 through the present except for Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective, which covers the period 1908-1981.

Locating Cases

Case law discussing Louisiana constitutional law can be found on Westlaw and Lexis using search terms such as "Louisiana constitutional law."

Case law can also be located using the print publication West’s Louisiana Digest.

  • This publication indexes all the headnotes found in the Louisiana cases on Westlaw.
  • The Digest is published in two series (cases issued prior to 1935 and cases issued from 1935 - present). 
  • Cases will be found under the topic heading of "Constitutional Law."
  • LOCATION: Main Reading Room of the Library

Locating Books

To find more materials on Louisiana constitutional law and history, use the Library's online catalog and search for keywords and phrases such as:

  •    Louisiana constitutional conventions
  •    Louisiana constitutional history 
  •    Louisiana constitutional law 
  •    Louisiana constitutions

Or subject headings such as:

  •    Constitutional law--Louisiana
  •    Constitutions--Louisiana
  •    Constitutional history--Louisiana

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