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Library and Technology at LSU Law During Spring 2020: Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Contact & Hours

The Office of Computing Services is CLOSED and IT staff members are working remotely. IT staff are not able to come to campus or access the Law Center building. 

We continue to offer IT Help Desk services from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday during this time. Please continue to contact us by email at

Connecting Remotely to Your Office Desktop PC

Please contact us if you would like to connect to your office desktop PC remotely, and we can walk you through the process. Below are the steps needed to set up remote access to your office PC. 

  1. In order to access your office PC remotely, you will need to have your myLSU ID added to the Remote Desktop Users group on your office PC. Law IT can do this for you. 
  2. You will also need to know the "host name" of your office PC, and Law IT can provide this to you as well. 
  3. Next, your home PC will need to have the LSU VPN client software installed. Law IT can remotely connect to your home PC and set this up for you. You can also download the VPN here
  4. Finally, while connected to the VPN, you will need to launch the Remote Desktop app in Windows and enter your office PC’s host name and then logon using your myLSU ID and password.

Using an LSU-Provided Laptop or Surface Tablet

If you use a laptop or Surface tablet as your office PC, your laptop/Surface should already be configured to access your H drive and R drive files. In order to do this from off campus, you will need to use the VPN software. You can download and install the software needed to use the VPN here

Please contact us if you have questions about this process. 

Remote Access to Law Center File Server

Students, faculty, and staff can access the Law Center file server securely and remotely by using our file server web portal. Log on with your myLSU username and password and be sure to bookmark this site.

Microsoft Office Software

If you have not already installed Office365 on your home PC (laptop, desktop, Surface, etc.), you can do so here. Office365 will enable you to use Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

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