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This tutorial will explain how to take and share notes.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: View Panopto Video

1. Click Play to view a video.

2. Advance/Rewind the video by dragging the playhead.

3. Adjust the volume by dragging the Volume Control.

​Step 2: Take Notes

1. Take notes in the note composing and editing box.

2. Notes will appear with a time stamp.

Step 3: Edit or Delete Notes


1.    To Edit or Delete notes, simply click the note and select the corresponding button

Step 4: Make Notes Public or Private

1.    Click Make Public button to toggle between making notes public or private.

Step 5: View Others' Public Notes

1. Click the drop-down menu to view a list of names

2. Select the person's name to view their public shared notes.

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