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This guide is intended to provide an overview of the resources available to assist students in the Natural Resources Law and Policy Seminar


About This Guide

This guide is intended to provided an overview of resources available to assist students in the Natural Resources Law and Policy Seminar. This guide covers a host of natural resources, which are defined as land, fish, wildlife, biota, air, water, ground water, drinking water supplies, and other such resources controlled by the federal, state, or local government and any foreign government or Indian tribe. 43 C.F.R. § 11.14

In addition to primary authority, books, and journals, this guide also highlights helpful electronic databases and writing resources for students. Although relatively comprehensive, this guide is by no means exhaustive; there are additional resources covering this topic available in the law library and on the web. If you require additional information about any of the materials identified here or have questions about the topic, please contact us or stop by the Reference Desk.

Of note, natural resources law and policy and environmental law are closely related topics with much overlapping content. The law library has also created a research guide on Environmental Law that you may want to review.

Course Description

"Natural Resources Law is increasingly moving to the forefront of legal and political debates, and is ever more relevant to the professional practice of the environmental lawyer, resource manager, and policy maker. From global overfishing concerns to the role of forests in both providing timber and addressing climate change, to the scarcity of water and the development of traditional and alternative energy sources, to the pressures placed on biodiversity by development and increasing populations. This course examines both the legal frameworks and resultant policy debates surrounding natural resources management, and explores the mechanisms by which law and policy facilitates resource management both in the U.S. and worldwide. We will discuss the cross-section of natural resources law and policy with environmental, administrative, property and land use, constitutional, and international law, culminating in a research paper on a discreet topic of interest to the student. The research paper serves the requirement for upper class writing credit."

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