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This tutorial will explain how to use the Selective Import feature to copy specific content from one course into another course.

How Selective Import Works

Moodle's Selective Import feature allows you to select and copy only the files you want from one Moodle course to another.

For example, you could transfer some materials from a Teaching Course to a Master Course.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Choose the Destination Course

1. Choose the destination course, the course where you want your files to go, by clicking on the course name.


Step 2: Click Selective Import

1. Inside the destination course go to the Administration block and click Selective Import.


Step 3: Choose the Source Course

1. Choose the course you want to import data from.
2. Click Continue.


Step 4: Click Next

1. Click Next to continue.


Step 5: Uncheck Content

1. Uncheck the boxes for the content you do not want to import.
2. Click Next to continue.


Step 6: Click Perform Import

1. The course content with a green check will be imported.
2. The course content with a red x will not be imported.
3. Click Perform Import to continue.


Step 7: Click Continue

1. Click Continue.

Step 8: Confirm Successful Transfer

Once the process is complete, you will be brought to the destination course page. Be sure to review that materials have transferred successfully.

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