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This tutorial will explain how to add a guest instructor to a Moodle course.

Choose Moodle course

Step 1: Select Moodle Course

Select Moodle Course

1. Select the Moodle course you would like to add a guest instructor to by clicking the course number.


Step 2: Select Enrolled Users

Select Enrolled Users

1. Go to Administration block on the left side of your screen
2. Click Users and Enrolled Users.


Step 3: Select Enroll Users

Select Enroll Users

1. Select Enroll Users


Step 4: Search & Enroll Guest Instructor

Search & Enroll Guest Instructor

  1. Under Assign roles, choose "Guest Instructor"
  2. Search for administrative assistant by last name or PAWS ID
  3. Once you have identified the guest instructor, click "Enroll".
  4. If you have no more instructors to add, click "Finish enrolling users".


Step 5: Confirm Enrolled User

Confirm Enrolled User

1. Confirm that the person added was added as a "Guest Instructor"


Step 6: Return to Moodle Course Page

Return to Moodle Course Page

1. Click Course Name to return to the Moodle course page. You are done!


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