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This tutorial will explain how to post and submit grades for skills courses in Moodle.

Preferred Internet Browsers

Please be sure to use one of these internet browsers:

- Firefox
- Chrome
- Safari

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Click Course Number

1. On the Moodle course page, go to the Post Grades box and click the course number. Both links will provide an anonymous and complete list of all students.



If you see a prompt to Post Grades or Return to Gradebook, please click Return to Gradebook.


Step 2: Click Continue

1. Click Continue.


Step 3: Enter Grades

1. Select grades from the drop-down menu.

2. Click Save after selecting grades.


Step 4: Return to Moodle Course Page

1. Click course number to return to Moodle course page.


Step 5: Click "Post Grades" Link

1. To submit final grade report click the Post Grades link (e.g., LAW 5881 001)


Step 6: Submit Grades


1. To submit final grades click Post Grades button (text may differ). Once grades are submitted no further adjustments can be made.


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