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This tutorial will explain how to post and submit grades for seminar courses in Moodle.

Preferred Internet Browsers

Please be sure to use one of these internet browsers:

- Firefox
- Chrome
- Safari

Grading Standards

Seminars: Recommended Median: 3.2, plus or minus 0.2

If you would like assistance meeting the grading curve requirements, please download the Excel spreadsheet at the link below.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Click Course Number

1. On the Moodle course page, go to the Post Grades box and click the course number (e.g., LAW 5303 001). Both links will provide an anonymous and complete list of all students.



If you see a prompt to Post Grades or Return to Gradebook, please click Return to Gradebook.


​Step 2: Click Continue

1. Click Continue.


​Step 3: Possible Grade Range and Values

Enter the grades in the boxes next to the anonymous student number.

1. Remember that the possible range for each grade is 1.3 - 4.0.

2. Values of with more than one decimal (e.g., 1.35, 1.45, 1.61) will automatically be rounded up or down.


Step 4: Grading Curve Adjustments for Anonymous Students

1. Once you have entered grades for each anonymous student you will receive feedback regarding whether your grades meet the required curve or not. Click Update to check whether grades meet the curve or not. Once anonymous student grades meet the curve and update has been clicked it is impossible to return to the anonymous grading interface.

Seminars: Recommended Median: 3.2, plus or minus 0.2


Step 5: Grade Adjustments for Identified Students

1. To make adjustments to identified student grades click edit icon.


Step 6: Enter Adjustments to Identified Student Grades

1. Make adjustments to identified student grades.  Adjustment values that are greater or less than +0.3 or -0.3 are not permitted for identified students.

2. When you have made the final grade adjustment click Update.


Step 7: Return to Course Page

1. Click the course number to return to the Moodle course page.


​Step 8: Click "Post Grades" Link

1. To submit final grade report click the Post Grades link (e.g., LAW 5468 001)


Step 9: Submit Grades


1. To submit final grades click Post Grades button (text may differ). Once grades are submitted no further adjustments can be made.


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