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This tutorial will explain how to create master courses in Moodle.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Master Course and Teaching and Courses

1. Teaching courses allow faculty to share materials with students.

2. Master courses allow faculty to add and organize course materials. These courses are not available to students.


​Step 2: Creating a Master Course

1. To create a Master Course for your class, go to Course Preferences and click on Master Course.

1. Once in the Master Courses Preferences page, you can request Master Courses for any of your current teaching courses by clicking the checkbox next to the course number of the class.

2. Next, click the Save Changes button. Moodle will generally take anywhere from a half-hour to an hour to create the courses.



Step 3: Changes Saved

1. Once you click, Save changes you will see a confirmation, "Changes saved".
2. Click My home to return to your Moodle home page.


​Step 4: Confirming that a Master Course was Created

When Moodle completes the course creation process, your Master Courses will appear on your Moodle main page.

1. Click on a Master Course link to view the empty course.


​Step 5: Adding Content 

Master courses are empty until you add content. You can add content in three ways:

1. Upload or add content (see How to Post Materials via Drag and Drop, How to Post Materials via File Upload or How to Post a Link to a Website)

2. Use the Simple Restore feature (see How to Copy All Materials from an Automatically Archived Course)

3. Use the Selective Import feature (see How to Use Selective Import tutorial)

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