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Video Overview

This tutorial will explain how to use the News Forum to create and send announcements in Moodle.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Click Edit

Click Edit

1. Click Edit.


Step 2: Using the Latest News Block

Using the Latest News Block

1. In your Moodle course, go to Add A Block.
2. Click Latest news.


Step 3: Click Announcements

Click Announcements

1. Click Announcements. 


Step 4: Add a New Topic

Add a New Topic

1. Click Add a new topic.

​Step 5: Type and Send Announcement

Type and Send Announcement

1. On the General news and announcements page, click the Subject box and type a title for your announcement.
2. Click the Message box to type the body of the announcement.
3. Click Add to an attachment.
4. Click Post to forum to send announcement.


Step 6: Editing and Deleting Announcement

Editing and Deleting Announcement

1. As announcement creator you can Edit or Delete your announcement at any time. However, you only have one hour to make any changes before the announcement is emailed to your students.
2. Your students can reply to announcements but they cannot edit or delete them.

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