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This tutorial will explain how to upload videos in Panopto.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Create

1. Click Create

Step 2: Upload Video

1. Select Upload Media

Step 3: Select Folder

1. Select the folder to which you want to upload the video.  Note that if you are already in a Panopto folder on the main Panopto page it will automatically default into uploading to that folder.

Step 4: Choose Video

1. Click Drag Video or Audio Files Here.

2. Select the video from your files.

3. Click Open


Step 5: Upload, Process, and Encode

1. Your video will upload


The video will process and encode after it is uploaded. At this point, you can close the window if you wish.


Step 6: Finish

1. When the video is finished, it will be accessible on the main Panopto page and you can view, edit, and share your video.

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